Reports on ammonia emissions pursued by the HAFL

  • Ammonia emissions after application of slurry (Report in German with summary in English) Download
  • Evaluation of slurry acidification for mitigating ammonia emissions in Switzerland - Update, January 23, 2017 (Report in German with summary in English) Download
  • Air scrubbers to reduce ammonia emissions from housings for pigs and poultry
    Literature review, survey and case study. Report in German with summary in English. 2022 Download
  • Solid-liquid separation of slurry and its influence on ammonia emissions (in German) Download
  • Emissions of ammonia and greenhouse gases from compost-bedded pack barns. Report in German. 2023 Download
  • Reduction of ammonia emissions from pig housings due to the use of VevoVitall® (Benzoic acid) for fattening pigs. Working document (in German) Download
  • Evaluation of feed additives based on Yucca schidigera as a measure to mitigate ammonia emissions (in German) Download
  • Evaluation of the ozonation of slurry as a measure for ammonia emission mitigation (in German) Download

Other topics pursued by the HAFL

  • Agricultural emissions of NMVOC and PM. Literature review and selection of emission factors Download
  • Veterinary hygiene biocidal products (Report in German with summary in English) Download